About Us

Babee and You is a boutique agency created and founded by Edmarine Baker.  She is a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) for the past eight years. Edmarine’s love for babies led her to this role when she was introduced to the idea of becoming an NCS by a close friend, she fell in love with the idea and enrolled to do the course immediately and have not looked back. Through her desire to share this passion with families, Babee and You was started in 2020.

It is our belief that every infant deserves the opportunity to start life with all of the tools and building blocks to form strong, loving attachments, healthy sleeping habits, and a routine that helps both baby and family to strive.  When following baby’s cues and establishing a structured routine around the needs of baby and family, babies are set up for success for years into the future.  Forming these building blocks, supporting healthy sleep habits from birth, getting baby sleeping through the night, and creating a custom routine that will follow each individual family through infancy are our main goals.

We strive to continually further our education and remain up to date on all current ‘best practices’ and recommendations in the infant care industry.  In addition to working long hours, 24-hour shifts, overnights, and continuous care, our love for working within diverse family structures makes us a great fit for many households.

We are highly experienced with working with multiples and premies, introducing new siblings into the home, traveling with families, as well as have knowledge of many different parenting styles and philosophies.  We are committed to helping you implement your parenting style and will work alongside you to ensure your principles and philosophies are not compromised on our watch.  Since the health and safety of your child are of great importance to us, all of our NCSs have been Pediatric and Infant CPR, First-Aid, and AED certified and maintain up to date TB test and vaccines including TDAP, and the annual flu shot.